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Every gemstone has its own energy.

Most people find that they love the gemstone vibes of their birthstone.

Each month has at least one birthstone.

Which one is yours? 


A birthstone is a gemstone that represents someone's month of birth.
It can even represent the birth of an event or occasion, like a wedding or the month you first met. In the 16th century, people believed each stone gave the person wearing it special powers. Whether it was for luck, love, prosperity or health; the stone was worn like a talisman. 


january birthstone

Garnet is a sensual stone for January babes. It helps with negative thought patterns, blesses you with confidence and builds up those positive vibes.

FEBRUARY birthstone

Let go of the bad vibes, and walk towards the light. February babies, this one's for you.

MARCH birthstone

Just like the first streaks of sunshine in spring, Aquamarine is the March darling’s source of light.

APRIL birthstone

Diamond is the April birthstone. It can be uncut and raw, or smooth and shiny - either way, the diamond is a hard-knock-ride-or-die-4 eva kinda rock.

MAY birthstone

Emerald glows lush green in abundance for the May babe. It helps you stay sharp in the mind, soft in the soul, and successful in life.

JUNE birthstone

The mysterious moonstone carries the June babe’s hidden truths. It’s also a stone for travellers, dancers and artists.