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She takes your troubles and tosses them into the sea. She rips out your brokenness and kisses it goodbye. 

She coaxes the insecurities out of your skin. Then she calls the light living in your soul and lets sweet words drip into your heart. 

As magma erupted and cooled down at the base of the mountains, earth’s cavities were formed and water trapped within. Over millions of years, the water crystallized, creating crystal rocks in various shades of blue. Hello aquamarine! 

Aquamarine keeps her cool so that you can too. She’s your morning meditation – a soothing whisper calming the chaos. Like pure crystalline dew drops under a winter sky giving way to spring. Something about aquamarine just fits March so well. 


the Latin aqua marinus, meaning ‘water of the sea’, based on its sparkling ocean-like hues

A water element stone with a cleansing nature, aquamarine is believed to be a detoxing and healing gem. Its summer blue shades reminiscent of endless skies and whimsical dreams, plugged away from the humdrums of the daily chores. 

Our ancestors swore by aquamarine’s power to protect them as they traveled across oceans. They said that Poseidon, the god of the deep sea, molded her. So as a deal of respect, they kept an aquamarine nearby to ensure safe passage across the stormy seas. 

Aquamarine radiates the cool whisper of the ocean, protecting you from deadly creatures (and beings and situations) you’d find in the sea, or worklife, or just life in general. 

Got caught up in a family drama?

Your best friend turning their back on you?

Spiralling down the rabbit hole of self-doubt?

Aquamarine helps chant your demons away. Rips out your broken parts and embraces them. With the purest of intentions, she washes off the shame that stitched itself on your heart. Bathing you from head-to-toe, until you feel reborn. 

Precious stones are the by-product of earth’s natural cycles. Aquamarine’s glass-like luster and aqua blue color reminds us of its ancient past, and the cleansing and detoxifying nature of, well, nature. 

aquamarine'S VIBES

loose aquamarine and aquamarine rings

Birthstone for: March

Aquamarine zodiac sign: Pisces (February 19-March 20)

Aquamarine chakra:

  • The fifth chakra - the Throat or Vishudda chakra

    As the name suggests, this chakra is the locus for all-things sound and communication, or… sound (and sane) communication. Connecting the rest of the body and the head, throat chakra keeps what’s in your heart and head aligns with your words. Remember that words are essentially vibrations. And vibrations aren’t just felt by the ears, but also the body. 

  • The third chakra - the Heart or the Anahata chakra. 

    Here is the center for all of your love energy. A balanced heart chakra will nudge you when your self-love is turning egotistical or when your loving relationship is turning toxic. 

How aquamarine fits into your life:

  • Mad March hares

  • Your love of 19 years

  • Mermaids whose lullabies have saved your ship from sinking

  • Your favorite teacher, or your favorite student

  • Yourself, in times of change or healing

an aquamarine ring in rose cut


  • Purity

  • Renewal and new beginnings

  • Eternal youth

  • Compassion

  • Light-heartedness

  • Harmony in times of conflict

  • Flow and fluidity

aquamarine hidden gems in silver

Use for

  • Smoothing tough transitions

  • Translating thoughts into words

  • Decoration on your surfboard

  • Melting those crystallized emotions that have become too hard to crack

  • Softening yourself to become stronger

  • Breathlessness 

  • Making the whole long distance relationship thing work

  • Going steady with someone who doesn’t speak the same language as you

  • Finding flow


Aquamarine origin map

Our aquamarine is responsibly sourced from: Brazil, North Carolina (USA)


aquamarine heart stones

Tough Love level: 

7-8 Mohs scale of hardness with good to very good toughness - aquamarine is great to be worn everyday. Since it’s pretty high on the Mohs scale and is a tough cookie, you can wear aquamarine as an everyday ring without fear of showing chips and cracks after a few years. Find out more about hardness vs toughness here

Common treatments: 

Sometimes heated to bring out the blue tone and reduce the yellow tone. Find more about common gemstone treatments here

Cleaning, care, and cauton: 

Aquamarine is safe enough under ultrasonic cleaner and steam cleaning, unless it has fracture fillings. Use warm, soapy water, preferably made from natural ingredients, like our lerak jewelry wash! 

Aquamarine Shades

  • Greenish blue aquamarine looks like it came out fresh from the purest seawater. The greenish hue is enhanced by the presence of iron oxides, once believed to be caused by the moon’s magnetic pull.  

  • Milky aquamarine is more opaque and has a sky blue appearance.

  • Pale blue aquamarine speaks to the intellectual mind. It represents crystalline water, and symbolizes purification of thoughts and improved focus. 

  • Blue aquamarine is the healer’s stone, and the most prized of all. It washes away guilt and heartbreaks. Blue aquamarine may have been heat treated. 

different shades of aquamarine


gemstones in the beryl family

Aquamarine is part of the beryl family, together with emerald, morganite, heliodor and goshenite. Similar to sapphires and rubies, aquamarine is basically the same rock as emerald, but with a trace of iron which gives aquamarine its blue color. 

Beryl is a type of mineral commonly found in igneous and metamorphic rock. Pure beryl crystals are colorless and, just like other gemstones, trace elements are their source of colors. 


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